Af Jette Sinkjær Simon

IMAGO – The Therapy of Love

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We unconsciously fall in love with people, who have the same characteristics and traits we have repressed in ourselves – therefore the relationship is the perfect forum for healing and growth.

Imago couples therapy is not just about fixing a relationship, but to help both partners heal the wounds that are the basic cause of the conflicts in their relationship. In the relationship with our partner we are reminded of the way we experienced our relationship with our parents in the past.

IMAGO is about healing and growing in a relationship – to ‘dance’ in a new way with the unmet needs from childhood that both parties carry and which may be the root cause of the couple’s conflicts. You can never just sit back secure in the knowledge that everything is now in place and working. We develop continuously and precisely therein lies the challenge, the work and the happiness.

This book is aimed at psychologists, couples therapists and anyone who wishes to develop the capacity to enter and live in a purposeful romantic relationship.

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