Af Anders Trillingsgaard

Teamwork & Leadership Redefined

How to build shared direction, alignment and commitment through new approaches to team tasks, meeting types and leadership roles

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Although our organizations have changed over time, many of our widely held understandings of leadership, teams and team development have not changed for decades.

What we need is a redefinition of leadership teams and teamwork, which is exactly what this book represents.

Many of the leadership tasks in today’s organizations cross organizational boundaries. They require a well-functioning leadership team to be solved professionally. However, as Anders Trillingsgaard points out in the first lines of the book: “Leadership teams can be like organizational black holes that consume and destroy all the energy, initiative and ambition of both leaders and employees. Or they can be fountains or even geysers of relentless progress, exciting ambitions, creative collaboration and human development.”

TEAMWORK & LEADERSHIP REDEFINED is built around 8 redefining insights that challenge widespread, yet outdated understandings of teamwork and leadership that often give rise to confusion and ineffective leadership.

To give the reader more room for discussion and interpretations the book also contains three separate case studies co-authored by leading colleagues in the field of leadership team training:


TEAMWORK & LEADERSHIP REDEFINED er oversat til engelsk af Jens Czapkowski fra Ledelsesteamet gentænkt, Dansk Psykologisk Forlag 2015.



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Om forfatteren

Anders Trillingsgaard

Anders Trillingsgaard er cand.psych.-aut. samt erhvervs-ph.d. og har 13 års konsulent- og forskererfaring med udvikling og implementering af leder- og organisationsudviklingsprogrammer. Anders er blandt de mest toneangivende kræfter i udviklingen af ledelsesteam i Danmark. Han skrev sin ph.d. om udvikling af ledergrupper ? og har skrevet talrige artikler om området.

About the author

ANDERS TRILLINGSGAARD is a recognized expert on leadership teamwork. He works with senior management teams and entire leadership systems at leading Danish and international companies. Author of several highly acclaimed books and articles that challenge contemporary views on leadership,  teamwork, feedback and strategy. Anders Trillingsgaard  operates at the intersection of leadership, psychology and business. He teaches leadership at Copenhagen Business School and is widely used as keynote speaker at leadership  conferences. He is licensed as an organizational psychologist, holds a Ph.D. in team development and is chairman of the board at the leadership consultancy UKON Human Results.

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